Salting and De-Icing

About Our Methods

At Total Property Preservation we use a wide variety of de-icing materials to provide the most effective methods in order to keep your properties safe. The most common product used on parking lots and sidewalks is sodium chloride. Better known as rock salt, its popularity is due to not only being a great de-icing agent, but also cost effective as well.

The most recommended products, however, are geared towards being environmentally and pet friendly. As a company, we are open to these safer types of materials and recognize that in using them, we will have a less negative impact on the environment, reducing the risk of damaging your landscape, corrosive pavement refreezing, while maximizing traction at the same time. One of the final products we use on a regular basis is Peladow calcium chloride. Calcium is a slightly more expensive option on the market, however is desirable because of being very effective in extreme temperatures.


On parking garage decks we use a product known as CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate).


This product is safe for concrete and low in corrosion. Also a excellent inhibitor reducing chlorine corrosion. This is used frequently at airports, hospitals on there parking garages so it will not damage the concrete and steel in the parking structures.

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